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Eko Widarto

Galuh Aksarahina Ardhana Reswari
Renjana Qudsi Mawlana Wirabhumi
Jalu Linuwih Muhammad

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Barnhouse is a brand name of PT. Agrijaya Prima Sukses that designed as the main brand for commercial dairy products. In the future, Barnhouse is intended as a house brand that houses several brands under it for the category of milk development products, fresh milk, yogurt, etc.

Barnhouse is a new brand, of course a big challenge to be able to attract the attention of potential consumers to glance and try Barnhouse products, considering that the current market competition is filled by Bear Brand & 7 Kurma. We want the audience to know Barnhouse as a whole, considering that the brand name is in a foreign language, we don’t want the audience to forget the brand name. Therefore, this type of logotype is the most effective solution for Barnhouse.

Barnhouse positions itself as a disruptor in its category and wants to signal this through an unconventional identity. Our designers developed a high-key look with Artisanal-inspired and playful to convey the brand a more professional premium look, through a pragmatic and functional approach.

The Barnhouse identity should find a balance a long modern,
clean, simplicity unique, and timeless.

It should feel;
Natural than technology, simple & unique, modern & commercials, little playful and global looks.

For Barnhouse’s packaging design, we used the illustration of a cowhide pattern as a design system that will be applied to the packaging. Cow’s milk that conveys itself, no preservatives, no coloring, real cow’s milk.