Benebites Chocolatier

Dubai, EAE

Creative Director
Eko Widarto

Galuh Aksarahina Ardhana Reswari
Renzy Rohmatillah
Dwiken Maulana

Brand Identity
Packaging Design

The Dieline
World Brand Design
Packaging Of The World

Benebites is a new brand that focuses on presenting healthy chocolate products, from high-quality ingredients from Belgian cocoa mass and a blend of natural sweeteners that are diabetic-friendly. Benebites made by chocolate artisans in small quantities, premium quality, and aimed to the middle up market.

In addition to the chocolate brand, Benebites plans to become an umbrella brand for various product categories and businesses in it, such as Benebites Keto Cafe, Iced Cream, Jams, and many more. Therefore, Benebites need an identity that can represent the entire category.

We design a brand identity to convey the spirit of passion, and emotional connection at the heart of the brand.

Benebites positions itself as a disruptor in it’s category and wants to signal this with an unconventional identity. The designers developed a high-key look with Artisanal-inspired flair and unique color combinations that help Benebites stand out.

After learning the Benebites summary, we selected the Wordmark type as the most effective strategic solution for the primary identity of the Benebites.

Why are Wordmarks more effective than symbols for Benebites?

1. The name Benebites itself is unique. So we need the audience to be aware of the brand name without being represented by biased symbols. Easy to remember, easy to read and easy to associate.

2. Benebites is a short name, hence wordmark is an effective solution
for identity.

The Benebites identity should  nd a balance a long modern, clean, unique and timeless.

It should feel;
natural or artisan than technology, simple,
modern & commercials.
The identity will strengthen Benebites concepts thats
specialized in providing the costumers a products in a truly
healthy way for all people with different interest and age.