Caphe Cold Brew Coffee

Asia, Middle East

Creative Director
Eko Widarto

External Illustrator
Lotus White Sugito

Self Promotion, Private label

Packaging Design

The Dieline
World Brand Design
Packaging Of The World

Cold Brew has become part of the development of coffee products today. Although especially in Asia and the Middle East, cold brew coffee is not yet very popular. Cold brew abroad, especially in the US and Europe, have found their own market, this is evidenced by the many brands for types of cold brew coffee there.

With these challenges, of course, a special approach strategy is needed to make cold brew more acceptable to coffee connoisseurs in Asia and the Middle East.

Caphe Coffee wants to develop cold brew to expand its product line. While maintaining the character of the brand identity, Eko Widarto as the Creative Director of this project wants to present Cold Brew as something fun to have and consume.

While maintaining simplicity, the team combined the character of Caphe Coffee’s identity with bold yet fun typography. We want the purpose of the packaging design to be able to convey emotionally to the audience. Considering the length of time people pass through shelves or on social media is no more than 4-5 seconds. If the visual appearance of the packaging is not able to attract the attention of the audience, then the possibility of the product failing in the market will be even greater.

Each cold brew flavor variant is distinguished by the writing on the packaging, also supported by the color silhouette on the hand as a representation of the satisfaction of the coffee taste.

The visual identity of Caphe Coffee has become its own character, therefore it must be maintained to communicate the competitive value of the brand and the selling point of the brand.