Creative Director
Eko Widarto

Galuh Aksarahina Ardhana Reswari
Renjana Qudsi Mawlana Wirabhumi
Jalu Linuwih Muhammad

Packaging Design

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The Dieline

GIGITT is a private brand for the snack market. Made from 100% vegetables, and a legendary local seasoning recipe, GIGITT is presented as a local brand that elevates vegetables as the main value.

The snack market in Asia is very competitive, with more than hundreds of global and local snack brands filling supermarkets, minimarkets and online shops. Of course it’s not easy to attract public sympathy, especially for a new brand. This is a strategic challenge in how the GIGITT brand can survive in the market.

We created a snack brand name, GIGITT, which means bite. With two letters T which has a philosophy of success. Apart from being an identity and for brand awareness, we want this name to make all stakeholders, and all staff motivated to pursue success.

Too many snack brands feature packaging designs with food photo illustrations, and we would have missed on shelves. That’s why we draw illustrations through typography, which can further increase emotional buying of consumers. This packaging design is simple, unique, and outstanding when placed on the shelf.