BearBreak Coffee


  • Business concept
  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Brand guideline

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Bear Break is our second business concept after Matcha O. If Matcha O focuses on Matcha Green Tea Business, Bear Break combines coffee, tea, and something that relaxes you. We designed the Bear Break in such a way from ideas, strategies, positioning, and all strategic things that can support the success of Bear Break. For coffee, Bear Break specifically raises the uniqueness of Indonesian coffee. For more detailed information on strategy, brand documents, partnership fees and other details, please contact us.

3 Types of Indonesian coffee variants that have been proven favored by the people of Indonesia and the World; Sumatra, Aceh Gayo and Espresso which are BearBreak Coffee’s signature houseblend. House Blend Signature will be based on all types of coffee and mix with other beverage blends.

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