Project Information

Double Bekker is a new start-up company for the development of packaged coffee products. Unlike instant coffee, Double Bekker serves fresh coffee from the roastery to consumers. Communicate in a fun, but serious way.

Facing the challenges of 2022, the client wants brands not only to be seen as coffee sellers, but also wants brands to emerge as lifestyle solutions for consumers at home. This is because the pandemic period will continue in 2022.

The name Double Bekker itself means Two Cups, we designed this name that enjoying coffee is not enough just once, with a premium taste, you will drink it many times. The name is simple, easy to pronounce, and powerful. We are also developing this name when in the future the brand will be applied to commercial coffee shops.

In terms of identity, we do our best to present Double Bekker brand as clearly, honestly and as uniquely as possible. That’s why we chose typography-based designs as the basic foundation of Double Bekker brand identity, with a contrasting and balanced geometric typeface combined with the Green Mist color palette as the main color of the brand. Colors that represent peace, serenity, earth, luxury and happiness.

The Double Bekker identity conveys a visually simple, peaceful, yet premium feel. The typeface for the Double Bekker logotype has a simple but strong character, this can be seen from every stroke of the corner and the curve of the types. The choice of using the logotype as the Double Bekker logo itself is due to the uniqueness of the brand name and we want the audience to know more about the brand clearly without any symbols representing it. Which is, logotype is the most effective solution for that.

The selection of paper materials for packaging and stationery needs, we chose the character of soft textured paper materials such as colorplan paper. With a design that focuses on simplicity, cleanliness, and a focus on the brand name, the packaging gives a premium, luxurious and taste that is easily extended to other product variants.

Simplicity is one way to create a timeless brand, and a timeless brand has always been a prestigious brand.


  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Packaging (on progress work)