Packaging design

Project information

Energo! Is a food supplement product brand that is made for the middle and upper market segments that have very dense activities. Through analysis and benchmarks with several competing products, we help our clients to design brand names, brand identity colors, brand identity, packaging design and design for branding.

In this packaging design session we made bold colors of red and purple flank. Besides being conspicuous on store shelves, this color gives a unique, uplifting and premium impression. Exclamation mark symbols as brand icons, still appear as markers of brand identity. This design combination provides a stopping power effect when potential customers are looking for food supplements.

2 Energo packaging variants, daily food supplements and sports

The packaging design of the energo! sport series is predominantly red with a purple design. This color is very striking but unique, this will be a strong stopping power for consumers to choose Energo when looking for food supplements in shelves.

For the Energo daily variant, the color of the packaging is mostly purple and the design is bare red. This gives the impression of a feminine, casual and very attractive among women, both office workers, business owners, influencers, and housewives. But that doesn’t rule out this series of interests by men.

Energo! red packaging after the wrap is opened. For designs in bottles, we chose a transparent red bottle design with white printing. We can see this design looks casual and modern. And more importantly, design can increase the confidence of potential consumers to try their products.