ESCO Nitro Cold Brew


  • Strategy
  • Design System
  • Packaging Design

Project Information

Nitro Cold Brew is part of the ESCO Coffee rebranding project.
With changes starting from the logo, system design, brand pattern, color, and product development.

The CEO of ESCO Coffee said that the uniqueness of its Nitro Cold Brew is its creamy, smooth taste and gives a drinker’s imprint vibration.

Widarto Impact created ideas on how to convey the unique taste of ESCO Coffee’s Nitro Cold Brew through an energy-filled visual representation.

We make circular geometry that illustrates resonance to convey the uniqueness of Nitro Cold Brew, with the tagline “Feel The Blend Resonances”. This geometric shape is combined with colors that are rarely used by other Cold Brew brands. And the goal, when this packaging is on the shelf, this will make the brand appear and be glimpsed by potential consumers. Surely this visual will be a reminder for consumers when they want to buy Cold Brew.