• Brand identity
  • Logo design system
  • Brand strategy
  • Tone and voices
  • Brand patterns
  • Brand guidelines
  • Packaging designs
Project information

GIVMANN is a men’s fashion startup from the United States that focuses on shirts and custom suits. GIVMANN’s vision is to want every man to have confidence and for men who want to elevate their level of status. GIVMANN appears as a premium and classy brand.

GIVMANN sells its products online both in the United States and throughout Worldwide.

Widarto Impact helped Givmann create brand icons that are iconic, strong, and represent a soul of confidence, greatness, and authority.

We designed the Givmann logotype from the Baskerville family, looking minimalist, modern and luxurious. Merging the letter “NN” is a symbol of success.

Next, we made a logo icon that we took from a circle that symbolizes greatness by forming the letter “G” and arranging the image to form the letter “M” inside it. This means that anyone who uses Givmann products will always be in a continuous success cycle.

Givmann Brand Prism. This is a prism that illustrates what is represented by the Givmann logo. Starting from physical, relationship, reflection, personality, culture to self-image.

Givmann logo with gold embroidery. Luxurious.

Logo icon on suit advertisement.

Brand patterns on the shirt. So we can look at how the logo brand is not just a primary brand but also the core of product design.

Givmann Shirt design and label.

Shirt packaging box design. This is simplicity serious design.

Givmann stationery design.

Givmann pin emblem on bag and wallet. The brand patterns is a primary design for Givmann product architecture.

Designing Givmann packaging family, shopping bag, shirt box, and suitcase.

Some of Givmann’s brand patterns.