Project information

Juice is a drink that never goes out of style. A delicious drink to consume every day. With an abundance of fruits, our clients make juices that are delicious, fresh, without preservatives, and made from the best fresh fruit.

There are so many brands of juice in cafes, minimarkets and supermarkets. Of course, it takes special value so that brands can easily get market attention in the midst of very tight competition. Admittedly this is a red ocean.

We’ve come up with an attractive name, JOOS STOP! A name that represents the brand’s product itself, a name that seems to call customers to buy it. JOOS can mean the best, which is derived from the word JUICE.

For the JOOS STOP identity, we display an exclamation mark symbol which is depicted like a drop of juice. Symbols that are very simple, easy to recognize, easily associated and effectively applied to all brand communication media.