Project information

Wildee is the private brand of a home industry company for dog food. Using home technology to process dog food, keeps the quality of Wildee’s products better. This is one of the great values ​​that Wildee has to offer.
In view of the growing pet market, this is an opportunity to offer brands more value and grow the business.

Of course, the bigger the market, the bigger the players. There are countless brands of dog food on the market. But at least, this brand must be able to steal the attention and become a new idol brand in society.

We designed an illustration that depicts the harmony between humans and dogs. This will go along with the brand’s tagline which is Happy dogs, Happy family. Which means when your pet is happy, then you will be happy too. Thus, we focus on attracting the dog owner’s interest, and when the food is at home, the Dog will easily recognize the brand identity emotionally.