Lutte Design Atelier is our partner for branding and design that specifically scales up small businesses through branding.

Founded in early 2021, Lutte Design is optimistic that it will be competitive with other local agencies in Indonesia.

With the development of market trends from global to local, Lutte wants to increase the competitive value of local brands in order to survive and compete with the onslaught of global brands in Indonesia.

We created the agency name LUTTE, which means Survive / Struggle. This will be Lutte’s foundation, ethos, or principles that are applied to all staff, how to work, and how to improve work quality. Because to be able to compete in local and global markets, extra hard and smart work must be needed so that businesses can survive and develop.

Apart from creating an agency name, we designed Lutte’s identity to be elegant, super simple, aesthetically pleasing, and different from other local agencies. We selected the TT Hoves typeface as the Lutte logotype. TT Hoves are very unique, yet simple. Each corner letter really represents the dynamic agency character.

We want Lutte to be one of the new agile agencies that attract clients’ attention by 2021.