Widarto Impact created a brand identity and packaging design for Muarra Mineral Water, a new brand from Strawin Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhn, Malaysia.
Muarra water originates from a natural spring in the heart of Simpang Renggam Johor in beautiful Malaysia, with each drop of cool, clear water fortified with minerals for the delight of its drinker. The client’s aim to be one of the best food and beverage companies not only in Malaysia, but in the entire world, and with their high-quality products, they do not doubt that they will be.

Muarra is the name or place where a river ends in a sea, lake, or other river; river close to the sea. Muar(r)a with double r philosophize willpower to succeed.

Widarto’s design team was asked to come up with a brand strategy to articulate Muarra’s unique personality and brand identity system that could work across a variety of print, online applications, and packaging.

The team’s goal is to celebrate the fresh benefits of drinking Muarra Mineral Water for young people, families, royalty and Malaysian society as a whole. A confident and modern typography approach featuring a curved Muarra logo created from the Water Flow approach. The tone of voice and use of typography play with the brand’s fresh and fun feel.

Color plays an important role in brand identity, with a bright red color palette that sets Muarra apart from other competitors in Malaysia, which are predominantly blue and green. Red also illustrates the passion of the company to continue to be passionate about achieving the best.

As a new brand, we want to strengthen the brand statement of “Malaysia Drink Muarra” through illustrations that will be displayed on the packaging, illustrations featuring Petronas Towers, Flowers, Palm Oil, etc.

We want Muarra to be the pride of Malaysians for their local brand.

Brand identity and packaging design for Muarra, new Malaysia’s mineral water brand.