Project Information

Cold Brew Coffee is a type of coffee drink that is less popular in Surabaya. Many coffee drinkers are less interested in this coffee drink. One of the reasons is the lack of communication about cold brew. People are still less aware of the difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee. This is one of the biggest challenges in selling cold brew coffee in Indonesia. The coffee shop itself was only popular in Indonesia in the 2012s.


One of the effective solutions to attract potential consumers to cold brew coffee is to increase the product’s appeal through packaging design. We want the cold brew packaging to look more vibrant and passionate.

We’re inspired by retro design styles that we want to communicate in a fun way. Not looking old, but young and vibrant. This is the value that differentiates Origio cold brew products from other cold brew brands in the market.

The Widarto Impact team combines monochromatic colors as a design basis to identify the cold brew menu. For the typeface, we chose the Gulfs typeface as the title for the menu because it has a retro, bold, and unique character. This is also a centre of view other than a logotype, illustrations and color combinations.

For illustration, we designed 3 stories that illustrate activities around coffee, namely coffee roasting and manual coffee brewing.

We want to communicate the emotional feeling that cold brew coffee is unique and fun, interesting to enjoy, and excited.

Launched offline in September 2020 by owners, Origio has received tremendous respect from customers, so that in 2021 Origio will be launched online and offline.

Origio, whose name we take from the combination of Original + Coffee, we chose the logotype as the Origio logo. With a unique, clear character typeface, the logo will be the center of attention in any visual communication. We don’t want consumers to only be interested in the design, but forget the brand name.


  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Packaging design
Origio Cold Brew – Oranges Blossom
Origio Cold Brew – Black Original
Origio Cold Brew – Mocha Creamed
Three variants of Origio Cold Brewed Coffee
Three variants of Origio Cold Brewed Coffee
Copywriting on Origio label
Origio take away box carrier
Origio view on top display