Project information

OZEL is a private label brand for bakery and coffee. Targeting the middle and upper market, the brand owner wants to serve premium bakery and coffee, can be consumed daily, is interesting, and of course has value in the minds of the community.

The number of fast food bakery restaurants located in the city of OZEL owners, of course, becomes a challenge in itself when they offer more cheap prices. With a specific target, this must really be accepted by the target market.

We made the OZEL brand name, which means special. Which we want to represent the characteristics of the owner’s bakery restaurant products that are completely different from the variant and taste.

The brand identity design approach for OZIL is simple and luxurious. By choosing the logotype type in the logo, this logo becomes the main element of OZEL’s graphic identity. The medium green turquoise is the primary color which supports the luxurious feel of the overall visual feel of the brand.