PT. Petani Java Nusantara

  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand naming
  • Brand creation
  • Packaging design
  • Brand guideline
  • Brand architecture
Project information

Petani is the name of a new brand of rice taken from the word Petani itself. Petani in English is the same as farmers. This is a young entrepreneurial movement that wants to restore Indonesia as a country rich in agricultural products, one of which is rice.

Petani rice brand is planted and harvested by local Indonesian farmers. This is in accordance with the vision of the client where he wants to revive agriculture in Indonesia and not just rely on rice imports from other countries.

Therefore, the Petani brand is served with premium quality rice, the best low sugar and processed with sophisticated machinery and experienced agricultural experts.

Widarto Impact developed from Brand Identity, logo design systems, graphics for packaging, websites and other branding applications.

Petani logo identity with rice field illustration. We combined gold foil on the logo to communicate premium rice brand

Petani logo with farmer illustration. This illustration will be applicated to all branding channels, such as packaging.

Petani business card detail design

Farmer apron design

Petani rice packaging bag