Piccolo Coffee Roastery is a
coffee roasting company based in Saudi Arabia.

Piccolo’s vision is to provide quality coffee
for all coffee lovers, both direct users, and cafes. Piccolo wants to be the best coffee roaster, especially in Saudi Arabia.

To increase customer trust and brand appeal, Piccolo wants to look different without having to change their symbol base.

This development will be used consistently across all communications.


Piccolo identity development must be more modern, simpler, more interesting, bolder, and more vibrant than ever.

It should feel;

modern and casual, simple and flexible,

not classic, playful and not impressed lazy

looks professional, young, and excited.


  • Creative Director: Eko Widarto
  • Finance Manager: Dwi Irawati SE
  • Art Director: Jalu linuwih Muhammad
  • Graphic Designer: Dwiken Maulana
  • Graphic Designer: Agil Tegar Prakoso


  • Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Colors
  • Typography
  • Brand pattern
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand guidelines