Pijeet (reflexy & massage)


  • Brand naming
  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Packaging design
  • Brand creation

Project information

Pijet is the mention of a massage name with Javanese accent. Pijet can also be called a pijit. We use the double letter “E” in the word PIJEET which has a philosophy of success. The choice of massage names aside from being a name that is already popular among the people, is a factor in applying massage costs that are more affordable than other massage parlor competitors. We want all people to get to know reflexology at a very affordable price. Although the price is very affordable, Pijeet offers a maximum atmosphere of the room and theraphist hospitality. This is what made us choose the colors green and orange for the brand Pijeet.

Primary logo design

Logo design composition

Primary brand color

Logo brand application in image

Identity development

Business card design

Pijeet therapist uniform design

Pijeet social media feeds in Instagram marketing

Family massage oil bottle packaging design. In design for packaging, we create simplicity design to communicate clear vision of brand. Casual look, simple and clean. This design reflecting brand image of comfortable, affordable and good for life. The bottle has two sizes, 160 ml and 250 ml.