• Brand strategy
  • Brand naming
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Packaging design

Project information

Riesco is a thick chocolate wafer with 4 flavors. As a new contender for the wafer category, Riesco certainly needs UNIQUE TOUCH so that potential customers are interested in buying Riesco wafers.

The challenge for this project is that there are currently too many wafer brands in the store. Certainly not easy to be able to turn the minds of consumers with a new brand.

We chose the RIESCO brand name, which in Italian means I can. Riesco itself is a sentence that is easy to say, remember, sound friendly and crisp and can enter all market segments. This makes it easy if Riesco wants to create products for certain markets in the future. We want companies to feel confident about this brand. Once again, I CAN.

For the Riesco logo, we chose a logo with a flexible typeface, not rigid and easily applied to all media. We want the Riesco logo to look friendly and attractive to potential customers.

For wafer packaging, we appreciate that the client wants packaging that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and avoids plastic materials. Therefore we chose material from food grade brown paper as the main packaging for wafers.

We make geometric patterns as illustrations that reflect cheerfulness and passion. And certainly because of the new brand, we present chocolate wafers as one of the elements that must appear in the packaging design. In the focus group survey results, we are quite proud because 85% of potential customers when they first saw Riesco packaging were eager to try it.

Riesco Logo Design // in light paper

Riesco logo design with UV gold finishing