SAM mineral water.


  • Brand identity system
  • Brand guideline
  • Packaging design

Project types

Rebranding proposal

Project information

SAM Mineral Water is a mineral water manufacture from East Java, Indonesia. To be able to face the challenges of the times and gain market sympathy on retail shelves, SAM mineral water rejuvenates the brand by making changes to the brand system and packaging design

Comparison of the appearance of the old logo with the new logo.

This new branding conveys the company’s focus on rejuvenation and a new passion for growth. The change from blue to pink to give a new spirit color and become a differentiator with competitors in the market. The new logo includes a mountain element as a source of SAM mineral water created. New branding will appear on the packaging, as well as advertisements, websites, and corporate social channels. Looking ahead, the new “SAM” logo will also be displayed on exterior and interior signboards, banners in minimart, banners, and others.

Combining logo with new graphic elements for branding support.

2 New design variants of mineral water Sam. The packaging design model is made without curves which are commonly found in mineral water packages. This new packaging features a casual, simple and feminine side.

Sam Mineral Water Carton Box design.