Sidekick specialty coffee is a new brand from Piccolo Coffee from Saudi Arabia. Piccolo Coffee itself is a Coffee Roaster brand that serves and distributes the best coffees in the world.

To be able to survive in Saudi Arabia, of course, requires an identity that is easily recognized and associated by customers without compromising the quality of the products presented.


To increase the recognition of Sidekick coffee shops by creating a visual identity that emphasizes quality, speed, and consistency like the name Sidekick – The identity can be used consistenly across all communications.

SIDEKICK Coffee shop’s visual identity should find a balance along Energetic, Ambitious, Dynamic, Bold, and Idealistic.

It should feel:

Bold and strong, not classic.

Excited, representing fast, quality and consistent.

The Sidekick coffee shops logo emphasizes 3 core values: BOLD, SPEED, CONSISTENT.

3 italic rectangle shapes that represent Bold, Fast, and Consistent values ​​on “E” at Sidekick logotype.

This symbol is sympel, memorable, and the important part is the rectangle shapes are long last.


Our RED is iconic. Visible for blocks. It’s our most identifiable asset, from the color of our aprons to our logo.

We’re leaning into a family of reds to leverage brand recognition. Bold and inviting, this expanded palette nods subtly to our heritage and propels us into a global future.

We always ensure a presence of brand reds, either within the composition or through the presence of a logo.

We have to agree that a logo is not about like it or not, but more about how it works in a competitive market.

We apply all the Sidekick identity assets so that clients can see objectively so they can imagine competition with other coffee shop businesses.

The client’s vision is to create a coffee business that can last a long time, and thrive especially in Saudi Arabia. And this is one of the proud works for Widarto Impact. We hope that Sidekick’s specialty coffee can be an inspiration for new entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia.


  • Strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Brand guideline