SriTea, Japanese Heritage Tea.


  • Logo system
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Packaging design

Project information

SriTea is a local heritage tea brand from Japan. To communicate the unique selling of the SriTea brand, we designed elements of visual identity starting from logos, brand identity and distinctive packaging which represented the whole spirit of the SriTea brand.

The SriTea logo was designed with a heritage logotype model with a symbol that is a combination of S&T capital letters. We chose blue indigo dye as the dominant color representing one of the basic colors of Japanese culture

SriTea Stationery design

SriTea business card

SriTea tea packaging is divided into 2 models, namely cylinder paper tube and instant tea box. Each tea flavor has its own color that is represented on the packaging. SriTea packaging is designed with the concept of heritage and lux. Our packaging is as focused as possible on the vision of Japanese heritage tea. So we avoid other graphic elements that can disturb that focus.