Oeya Interior design & furniture


  • Logo system
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guideline
  • Web development

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Oeya interior design + furniture is a studio interior design startup that serves the design and construction of homes, hospitals, restaurants and interior bars, commercial businesses and furniture manufacturing that adapts to needs with high artistic value.

We help Oeya to create a visual identity that describes their company’s identity. Seeing their vision and mission, we designed the concept of visual identity by adapting natural and abstract elements. The logo that we design means innovation, nature, art, business, artistic value, friendliness and growth.

The logo design process starts with pencil sketches that describe 1. Circles that symbolize sustainability and innovation, 2. Three lines representing the letter E represent design and building, 3. This illustration can be interpreted by combining E & Y symbols that represent progress representing the letter Y, 4. Illustration of wood that means nature, artistic value, and friendliness represent the letter A.

We design the pattern as OEYA branding assets. One of the unique features of this OEYA logo is that every part of this logo shape can be combined with other logo shapes to form a pattern that becomes the OEYA brand icon.