Founded in 2015, (formerly Renjana Branding & Design) is known as a specialist branding and packaging design agency that elevates small brands to agile brands, raising awareness and increasing sales. In 2019, Widarto was formed as a stronger organization with the joining of professionals from various fields. Widarto is not a brand design and packaging agency anymore, Widarto provides services in six core capabilities: Brand Development & Strategy, Advertising, Packaging, Design, Digital Transformation, and Social Media Marketing. In 2019, the transformation of Widarto’s re-establishment “was designed to clarify the company’s objectives, simplify its structure and unite behind a single brand: Widarto.”

Widarto is an impactful branding agency to grow clients’ business by building brands.

This widarto logo fully uses wordmark logo. The designer designs typography in which one letter is connected, the connection meaning between the client and the agency, the brand with the product, the brand with the consumer, and so on. This simple approach for us is something that is very clear, focused and visible.

TT Holves Sans type families are very nice. The TT Holves sans has a bit of that Brutalist hipness to it (more evident in application) but overall it’s quite good and its numerals are super nice.

Business card

Letter head

Self promotion poster