Wildee Dog Food


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand naming
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand creation
  • Packaging design

Project information

Widarto Impact in this project was asked to develop and create a new identity for a new brand of dog food. Choosing the name Wildee, which means wild but sweet, we create an identity that communicates a brand that is friendly, funny, passionate and of course in terms of a logo that can last a long time.

Wildee itself is dog food made by the hands of the family since 1980. In this second generation, Wildee wants to appear as a new challenger in the dog food industry in particular.

Widarto Impact knows that so that the brand does not disappear on the shelf, we must look different from other brand designs or other dog food packaging. We don’t want the brand to really disappear on the shelf. We make a design that illustrates imagination and fantasy on dog food packaging. This is not only able to attract potential buyers in stores but also applies to all ages. And unique, it could be that the dog itself really likes the look of this package.

We illustrate dogs as astronauts that fly in the sky. Aside from being a differentiator, this becomes its own value when the packaging is placed on a store shelf and side by side with competitors.

For the Wildee logo, Widarto Impact avoids sharp typeface shapes. We chose the typeface shape that is curved, slightly fat, looks friendly, funny and flexible. This logo element is very influential on the overall appearance of the packaging design.